Meaning of undiscoverable in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndɪˈskʌv(ə)rəb(ə)l/


  • Not able to be discovered.

    ‘The plaintiff's cause of action will not accrue until damage occurs, which will commonly consist of cracks coming into existence as a result of the defect even though the cracks or the defect may be undiscovered or undiscoverable.’
    • ‘To excuse all production defects on the ground that they were undiscoverable would be to emaciate the potential of the Directive.’
    • ‘Whether or not it is right to describe an undiscoverable crack as damage, it clearly cannot affect the value of the building on the market.’
    • ‘Bryan contributed to Tottel's Miscellany and his poetry was highly valued in his day, but is now undiscoverable.’
    • ‘No doubt all of these characters, medieval and contemporary, would see love as ‘blind, undiscoverable, witless, true’ as Erdrich suggests.’
    • ‘This may not be a cheering prospect; but we shall at least be freed from the vain search for the undiscovered and undiscoverable essence of the term species.’
    • ‘Ancient middens and sacred sites may lie hidden, undiscoverable, coral encrusted, or disassembled by the action of surf and tide.’
    • ‘Bluetooth allows a device to stay in an undiscoverable mode, where a device does not respond to inquiry scans.’
    • ‘This novel is a thriller based on the search for identity, an identity that remains undiscoverable.’
    • ‘Of course, one of the reasons it is undiscovered is that it is well-nigh undiscoverable.’