Meaning of undiscussed in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌndɪˈskʌst/


  • Not discussed.

    ‘these problems frequently remain unconsidered and undiscussed’
    • ‘The spaces within that discussion remained undiscussed.’
    • ‘Several items remained undiscussed on the agenda when the meeting broke up.’
    • ‘A lot of things in both adults' pasts lie undiscussed.’
    • ‘The great tensions in the current Dutch side usually go undiscussed.’
    • ‘I think the unanswered, almost undiscussed question is, how expensive this bill is, particularly in the long run.’
    • ‘Ethical questions such as the value the NHS and other health systems should place on preventive rather than immediately lifesaving care remain largely undiscussed.’
    • ‘Going back to Meg or rallying behind Natasha will both lead to political destruction if the underlying root cause of the division is left undiscussed and untreated.’
    • ‘Of course, some of the protagonists will deny this, for to admit that this might be so would open up the debate into an area that they would prefer to remain undiscussed.’
    • ‘They'd also make a few arbitrary, unreviewed, undiscussed decisions about other stuff they'd keep.’
    • ‘However, one largely undiscussed problem remains - the inexorable decline of farming communities.’
    • ‘Besides, on this particular evening, a hitherto undiscussed aspect of my fancy London ways has aroused my dad's curiosity.’
    • ‘When things are running smoothly it tends to be a socially invisible, undiscussed routine.’
    • ‘Here, he again paints a distressing picture of a church in denial, a feudal hierarchy where obvious facts and urgent problems remain undiscussed out of loyalty, ambition, or arrogance.’
    • ‘Unfortunately Campbell leaves this undiscussed.’
    • ‘It places itself, as witness, before a regime that wishes its behavior to remain hidden, secret, undiscussed, and without testament.’
    • ‘But what I view as Farrell's most controversial point remains undiscussed.’
    • ‘What especially characterizes board meetings are the variety of concerns that remain for the most part undiscussed and undiscussable.’
    • ‘You wanted to talk to Marshall about what had happened that day, but figured the issue was best left undiscussed.’
    • ‘He was well aware that it contained many previously undiscussed provisions intended to protect Dr. Fox.’
    • ‘Needless to say, Shade's unusual behavior early today was not going to go undiscussed.’