Meaning of undisputable in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndɪˈspjuːtəb(ə)l/


  • another term for indisputable

    ‘Despite their undisputable status on the electronic scene, this album doesn't bring anything new to the equation.’
    • ‘It is undisputable that without basic literacy, access to technology is virtually meaningless.’
    • ‘Despite the undisputable fact that it was morning, the room was nearly pitch black.’
    • ‘There's a definite, undisputable fun factor in putting apricots and sugar in a big pot, bringing all of it to a boil, and stirring it with a long wooden spoon like some kind of witchy decoction.’
    • ‘The enduring popularity of musicals is undisputable but they are, perhaps, a victim of their own success.’
    • ‘The proposals that are still on the table represent a fair and workable compromise based on undisputable scientific findings.’
    • ‘Her charming personality and her undisputable knowledge of the game have earned her widespread recognition well beyond the borders of Switzerland.’
    • ‘I suggested the author's vivid prose was reminiscent of that to be found in this undisputable classic.’
    • ‘It is undisputable that mitosis and cytokinesis, although tightly coupled in most cells, can often be uncoupled, suggesting that these two processes are actually independent, even though they usually cooperate to bring about cell division.’
    • ‘One of the few undisputable points that industry leaders make is about a shared responsibility to tackle AIDS.’