Meaning of undistinguishable in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndɪˈstɪŋɡwɪʃəb(ə)l/


  • Indistinguishable.

    ‘Yet at the end of the movie, they appear together, identically dressed and undistinguishable.’
    • ‘After a long period of naval gazing, Labor appeared to have realised the failure came from being undistinguishable from the Libs.’
    • ‘The bathroom was blurry and nearly undistinguishable through the door.’
    • ‘Both protocols gave undistinguishable results.’
    • ‘This type of reality is in fact undistinguishable from a verbal mythology, of network of signs underpinned by commonly shared ideas about verisimilitude.’
    • ‘‘Not doubted,’ twenty undistinguishable voices said quickly, and I laughed harder.’
    • ‘Screams, yells, cries and other undistinguishable noises mingled together to form a sound that could only possibly come from the sufferings in hell.’
    • ‘‘Nice to meet you, too,’ Professor Abdullah replied in an undistinguishable accent.’
    • ‘Lower-priced cars copied the style of the higher-priced models until the cars on the road became virtually undistinguishable.’
    • ‘Days and weeks are undistinguishable and unmeaningful.’
    • ‘He was still sleeping and appeared to be having a dream, for he was tossing and turning, and muttering something undistinguishable.’
    • ‘They murmured responses that were undistinguishable.’
    • ‘The color was undistinguishable, but white was a good guess.’
    • ‘His temper was obviously getting the best of him, so he muttered a few undistinguishable words and scribbled down something.’
    • ‘A silvery-white figure approached her, its edges blurred and its features undistinguishable.’
    • ‘I watched as undistinguishable emotions flittered through his eyes.’
    • ‘His accent was not French, but an undistinguishable Mediterranean mix.’
    • ‘What happens off the screen will be as important as what occurs on it, and even undistinguishable.’
    • ‘There was a black undistinguishable truck, into which they loaded all the goods.’
    • ‘I heard him opening the door and talking in an undistinguishable voice.’
    uniform, identical, unvaried, unvarying, consistent, similar, undistinguishable