Meaning of undistracted in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndɪˈstraktɪd/


  • Able to concentrate fully on something; not distracted.

    ‘she was undistracted by the flashing cameras’
    • ‘In the midst of crowded environment, his mind is collected and undistracted.’
    • ‘For most of us, the development of concentration, of an undistracted quality of mind, takes time.’
    • ‘Many airlines of course have reciprocal agreements with others, broadening the chances of a comfortable sit-down or some undistracted work.’
    • ‘People usually think that trying to remain undistracted is some kind of deliberate act.’
    • ‘In Alice Springs, undistracted by the pressures of big city life, it ought to be easier.’
    • ‘This undistracted listening to the dharma is a practice of the fifth paramita, which is meditation (contemplative stability).’
    • ‘But they were very far from being calm, rational or undistracted at the relevant time.’
    • ‘The mind is not focused on anything, yet totally present - not in a focused way, just very open and undistracted.’
    • ‘Thoughts are witnessed in a subtle and undistracted manner to reveal their associative nature and at times, their isolated randomness.’
    • ‘If she can stay undistracted and focus on her game, Sharapova can dominate the women's game for some time to come.’
    • ‘Like the other two quartets on this album, it demands your undistracted attention.’
    • ‘Then it really is better to send people home, and let the swat teams and burn squads ship the thing undistracted.’
    • ‘The theory is that directors, actors and designers need to make their own creative contribution undistracted by the playwright's singular point of view.’
    • ‘The student encounters the powerful and eternally relevant story that changed the worldand does so undistracted by a supporting cast of stuffed animals and cartoon characters.’
    • ‘Tai chi originally developed from observations of birds, beasts, and insects whose movements, undistracted by thought, are immediate and in harmony with their environment.’
    • ‘Newhouse has trained himself to function within the din of such noise, undistracted by fan reaction or the ebb and flow of games.’
    • ‘Welland is undistracted in its commitment to helping find and fund innovative solutions to economic regeneration in rural areas.’
    • ‘I must have watched the thirteen or so hour-long episodes right through five or six times, with an undiminished pleasure, and undistracted by any sense of discontinuity with the book.’
    • ‘Let the sunshine in You're going to be unplugging the phone about ten seconds into this disk, since you'll want to enjoy this completely undistracted.’
    • ‘I would like to have discovered how happy and undistracted one felt in the car under pounding rain, but, of course, that doesn't happen here any more.’