Meaning of undiversified in English:



  • Not enlarged or varied in range or field of operation.

    ‘agriculture dominated an undiversified economy’
    • ‘Wherever financial markets are absent or repressed, savings go unused, productive economic opportunities go unrealised and risks go undiversified.’
    • ‘While the upper classes enjoyed a varied diet including substantial amounts of meat, the masses ate an undiversified diet, primarily of cereals.’
    • ‘Because banks during the Great Depression were so small, they were undiversified.’
    • ‘In recent years, many workers nearing retirement have viewed rapid increases in their often undiversified stock portfolios as a substitute for more traditional savings.’
    • ‘We got into this crisis because we had most homeowners putting themselves in a leveraged, undiversified portfolio.’
    • ‘A thousand years or more ago, a relatively undiversified East Slavonic dialect was spoken in and around the approximate area of present-day Western European Russia, the Ukraine, and Byelorussia.’
    • ‘The American Depression worsened when banking panics swept undiversified and overextended rural banks and the Federal Reserve failed to intervene.’
    monotonous, tedious, boring, uninteresting, humdrum, mundane, tiresome, wearisome, dreary, soul-destroying, mind-numbing



/ʌndʌɪˈvəːsɪfʌɪd/ /ʌndɪˈvəːsɪfʌɪd/