Meaning of undock in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈdɒk/


[with object]
  • 1Separate (a spacecraft) from another in space.

    ‘Conrad undocked Gemini and used his thruster to back slowly away’
    • ‘Sharipov undocked the spacecraft manually as a precautionary measure to conserve energy.’
    • ‘The grid of the Optical Alignment System of the space shuttle Discovery can be seen during separation operations while undocking from the International Space Station.’
    • ‘Discovery undocked from the International Space Station this morning at 09: 24 CEST.’
    • ‘The Soyuz capsule successfully undocked from the International Space Station at 4.31 am Moscow time, and started the descent process.’
    • ‘As Flight Engineer, Kuipers was responsible for undocking the Soyuz from the Space Station.’
    • ‘Just after midnight, the Russian Mission Control centre will give the command for undocking from the International Space Station.’
    • ‘Now, the Discovery undocks from the International Space Station tomorrow.’
    • ‘Discovery yesterday undocked from the International Space Station, where its crew had spent the last eight days working.’
    • ‘The capsule undocked moments ago from the international space station, where Lou has spent the last six months.’
    • ‘The command module containing the crew took a different flight profile to the other modules, entering the Earth's atmosphere three hours after undocking at 23: 44 CEST.’
    • ‘In fact NASA's international partners are scratching their heads trying to figure out what the US is really planning to do with the ISS after the last shuttle mission has undocked from the ISS.’
    • ‘The Expedition 6 crew will undock from the Station after a six-day handover with Expedition 7 counterparts.’
    • ‘On Monday, December 2, the Shuttle Endeavour, and ISS, had undocked and separated that afternoon.’
    • ‘Inside the capsule, they donned bulky spacesuits and ensured the Soyuz was airtight before it undocked from the station.’
    • ‘Once the module and upper stage were in orbit, a Soyuz spacecraft that had completed its half-year stay at the ISS would undock from the station and dock with the logistics module.’
    • ‘Once Discovery undocks from the station Saturday, NASA hopes to have all four gyroscopes operating simultaneously for the first time in three years.’
    • ‘The Interceptor undocked from the massive sister ray and began the long haul back to the hidden station.’
    • ‘The crew was forced to undock after thirty minutes and had to regain control of their spacecraft by using the re-entry control system, which prompted an early landing in the Pacific on March 16, 1966.’
    • ‘Shaking her head she continued, ‘Never mind, I'll find them and ask them myself after we undock.’’
  • 2Take (a ship) out of a dock.

    as noun undocking ‘Baylor followed the undocking with interest’
    • ‘The small tug also provides the capability to assist larger tugs in docking and undocking all types of ships and watercraft and can be used in routine harbor utility work.’
    • ‘She could probably even dock and undock herself automatically, but Captain Dvergastein likes to do that himself.’
    • ‘He tugged on a jacket and walked himself out to the Winchester Pier, undocking the small rowboat that he used to make the journey to the tower.’
    • ‘The Progress 16 cargo ship, which had been at the Station since Christmas Day, was undocked on Sunday, clearing the aft port of Zvezda for the new Progress.’