Meaning of undogmatic in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndɒɡˈmatɪk/


  • Not dogmatic.

    ‘He is a most undogmatic composer with a great appreciation of musical history.’
    • ‘Whatever the subject, he addresses it in a thoughtful, generous, undogmatic spirit.’
    • ‘Krishna comes across as wonderfully straightforward, honest and undogmatic.’
    • ‘His approach as a policy adviser was analytical, logical, and undogmatic.’
    • ‘Contrary to official wisdom, the public is generally measured and undogmatic in its attitudes towards the technology.’
    • ‘His parents are admirable examples of a Christian life, undogmatic, tolerant, generous, admired by all.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, he quickly began to attract followers, as his open, undogmatic approach drew a circle of dedicated students, some of whom quickly became teachers.’
    • ‘Throughout he remained a firm but undogmatic champion of public-service broadcasting.’
    • ‘Someone who had been 'a remarkably undogmatic man, unassuming and even diffident in manner' became obstinate in the extreme.’
    • ‘As Meyer encountered different cultures, his relatively undogmatic approach to theology enabled him to adapt his ministry to fit the situation.’
    liberal, tolerant, open-minded, forbearing, indulgent, receptive, progressive, freethinking, permissive, libertarian, unshockable