Meaning of undrained in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈdreɪnd/


  • Not emptied of water; not drained.

    ‘undrained marshes’
    • ‘Many streams in the world's arid and semiarid regions run only intermittently and empty into broad, undrained basins known as playas, where they deposit their sediment and dissolved minerals.’
    • ‘Where woods existed near undrained marsh or bog, a traveller's difficulties were enhanced.’
    • ‘There is no air in a peat bog and, therefore, undrained peat is made up of 90% water.’
    • ‘They lost the battle and now it's all farm land apart from a couple of places still undrained.’
    • ‘It is also not in dispute that within limits its progress can be modified by human intervention, for example by drainage; the maximum slope sustainable in fully drained soil can be up to twice that in the same soil undrained.’
    • ‘What enticed the Kildare resident to the Midland region of Ireland was the island's biggest waterway, the largest undrained river in Europe, and a place which he holds dear to his heart.’
    • ‘That both she and her murderer were stranded in a poverty-stricken, undrained marshland infested with malaria served only as an example of how free will could triumph over the environment.’
    • ‘Stir in undrained pineapple, orange peel and orange juice.’
    • ‘Usually the village was a line of unpainted wooden huts along each side of a main street that was unpaved and undrained.’
    • ‘Although testing under drained conditions is recommended, testing under undrained conditions, without pore pressure measurement, is also permitted.’
    • ‘Bardon, who later described the settlement as ‘an unsewered, undrained, garbage-strewn death camp in all but name,’ won the respect of the older men and encouraged them to paint their ancestral stories.’
    • ‘The increase of pore pressure due to cyclic loadings under undrained conditions causes the effective confining pressure and the shear strength of the soil to decrease.’
    • ‘Stir in undrained tomatoes, beef broth, and enchilada sauce.’
    • ‘Ridges may allow earlier planting on undrained fields; however, they are not a complete substitute for tile.’