Meaning of undrawn in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈdrɔːn/


  • 1(of curtains) not drawn across the window; open.

    ‘Upstairs the curtains are undrawn and I watch myself in a mist of cotton nightdress that hides scars, uneven troughs, veins that have discoloured skin with spidery purple tributaries.’
    • ‘The idea seems all the more plausible given the number of green curtains, drawn and undrawn, elsewhere in Holbein's work, including in the Frick portrait of Thomas More.’
    • ‘Just within the window with the shades undrawn, sat a friend in lounging ease before an open fire, absorbed in his evening paper.’
    • ‘Indeed, the position is that the curtains will be left undrawn with the cross on show as usual.’
    • ‘Here I am, in my room, with the window shade undrawn, sitting on the windowsill, staring at my text book of world history.’
  • 2(of money) not drawn from a bank account.

    ‘One of the departments lagging behind was Finance itself, which was responsible for the European Regional Development Funds, which accounted for almost half of undrawn funds.’
    • ‘Thus, at the beginning of 2004, undrawn bank credit lines to steel enterprises still stood at around 170 billion yuan.’
    • ‘Expansions would be funded through the company's balance sheet with more than $60 million in cash and undrawn borrowings and a fairly strong cash flow.’
    • ‘Billions of dollars have been provided in support of sector reforms and large undrawn balances remain available for utilization by the government.’
    • ‘Chief executive Stephen Vernon said the company's gearing was just 64%, adding the company had more than €400 million in undrawn facilities to call on if the right opportunity arises.’
    • ‘Despite the savage revenue decline, Lucent said it still expects to meet the covenants on its undrawn $1.5bn credit facility.’