Meaning of undried in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈdrʌɪd/


  • (especially of food) in its fresh state; not dried.

    ‘salted undried fish’
    • ‘Does anyone ever use undried beet pulp straight from the factory?’
    • ‘Undried garlic is a very common product in green grocers throughout Europe when garlic season is on.’
    • ‘Why are we able to keep dried food longer than undried food?’
    • ‘There is a surprising amount of water in undried food and plant material.’
    • ‘The taste and texture of the meat which has been rehydrated and then cooked is different from the taste and texture of fresh, undried meat.’
    newly harvested, garden-fresh, not stale, crisp, firm, unwilted, unfaded