Meaning of undutifulness in English:



See undutiful

‘Disobedience in this regard does not constitute undutifulness to parents.’
  • ‘The case as against them is undoubtedly a strong one, and they must be left to defend themselves as best they can against the charge of undutifulness to their mother, the Establishment.’
  • ‘Had undutifulness been found among the ignorant people, it might have been a little excusable.’
  • ‘It is wrong for parents to make a difference between one child and another, unless there is great cause for it, by the children's dutifulness, or undutifulness.’
  • ‘The daughter in-law who severs ties with her mother in-law causes her husband to abandon his mother and sever his ties with her; thus, such a wife becomes the reason behind his undutifulness towards his mother.’