Meaning of undyed in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈdʌɪd/


  • (especially of fabric) not dyed; of its natural colour.

    ‘Her head was wrapped in undyed linen, and the fine bones of her face spoke together with the fine lines of her limbs.’
    • ‘The fish was pale, natural and undyed, pleasantly moist and not over-salty.’
    • ‘A natural, undyed wool cover can be re-waterproofed with lanolin every few weeks, or as needed.’
    • ‘John Woolman, an American abolitionist, arrived in London in June 1772 wearing a white hat, undyed clothes and shoes of undyed leather.’
    • ‘In the untreated fabrics, the cotton stayed largely undyed.’
    • ‘Over the tunic he wore a scapula, a long tunic with wide, three-quarter length sleeves, usually of a darker undyed wool.’
    • ‘Pale bales of leather, all undyed, were in shaggy rolls like giant pastry.’
    • ‘The sheer curtains of undyed silk combined with dark wooden blinds was a very interesting idea, and I wondered how it would look at my house.’
    • ‘Use undyed dried breadcrumbs - the dyed orange stuff is disgusting.’
    • ‘But Californian pistachios, which are harvested and processed by more sophisticated means, are usually unblemished and left undyed.’
    • ‘The most primitive ruanas are made from undyed wool in shades of brown.’
    • ‘She has beautiful even skin and her hair is short and undyed, flecked pretty silver.’
    • ‘In the case of cashmere, you should place a clean undyed towel between the garment and the iron to prevent any heat damage.’
    • ‘She, Eleanor, now slept by the hearth in the kitchen, and her apparel was the simple undyed cotton dress that the maids were given to wear.’
    • ‘Crafted from soft, unmolded, undyed horsehide that faces away from the body, and plush natural sheep's wool that faces against, it provides exceptional all-day comfort.’
    • ‘His undyed, canvas colored clothing was torn and stained from playing in the forests and climbing trees.’
    • ‘I just took an undyed ball and hoped it would pass off for ‘taupe’.’
    • ‘It was made of a heavy undyed material and fell over her hips.’
    • ‘Brown crumbs were left undyed but sprayed with water and dried to control for processing effects on texture.’
    • ‘The company stocks a half-million undyed pieces ready to fill new or special orders.’
    colourless, unpigmented, undyed, bleached, natural