Meaning of undying in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈdʌɪɪŋ/

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  • (especially of an emotion) lasting forever.

    ‘promises of undying love’
    • ‘Didn't I promise love and undying devotion from me if you reviewed?’
    • ‘You will either love them with an undying passion or hate them with an unwavering vengeance.’
    • ‘Deeply felt emotions, especially declarations of undying love, are left unexpressed.’
    • ‘He also wrote her long letters professing his undying love.’
    • ‘Great Expectations is a tale of death, revenge, rags to riches and undying love - all the good stuff, basically.’
    • ‘My undying love for all things nicotine is apparently quite temporary.’
    • ‘The winner will have my undying appreciation and will receive special mention in a future post.’
    • ‘I will always accept any toys offered to me, and return it with undying affection.’
    • ‘In other words, for a guy, it's just a phone call, not a confession of undying love.’
    • ‘As the couple pledged their undying love and gazed dreamily into each other's eyes, in came a tiny voice.’
    • ‘By the end of the night we were swearing undying love for each other.’
    • ‘All of this northern exposure contributed to an undying curiosity about the region.’
    • ‘She tells him her tale expecting him to express his undying love for her and the unborn babe.’
    • ‘Then I shed a couple of tears and professed undying love.’
    • ‘I never said he had to declare his undying love for me and I never expected him to.’
    • ‘I have no undying love to confess, just a lame apology that I shouldn't even have to make.’
    • ‘Though I still felt for her the same undying devotion, it was as though we were growing apart.’
    • ‘This walk wasn't going to be a proclamation of Ben's undying love.’
    • ‘Being with my friends was even better, they were the true reason for my undying happiness.’
    • ‘If he thinks he can gain my trust and undying love, he's got another thing coming.’
    abiding, lasting, enduring, permanent, continuing, constant, perennial, infinite
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