Meaning of unedifyingly in English:



See unedifying

‘It was also at the centre of the squabbles over change in the leadership with mavericks in the party unedifyingly shooting their mouth off about gerontocracy in the party.’
  • ‘In the 21st century, photography is often unedifyingly in cahoots with fame: a visual blandishment for the celebrity, a feeble sop for the rest of us.’
  • ‘I begin at the foot of the column and toil my way up the page to find each story unedifyingly summarized in inch-high type.’
  • ‘Apparently there are those who, somewhat unedifyingly, wolf down jars of marmite in an attempt to ward the blighters off.’
  • ‘Chicken crackling, if immersed in all that liquid, ends up not crisp and salty, but unedifyingly soggy and slimy.’