Meaning of unelaborated in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌnɪˈlabəreɪtɪd/


  • Not developed or presented in great or further detail.

    ‘the theory remains unelaborated and sketchy’
    • ‘he prefers the unelaborated 1818–23 text’
    • ‘The Thomas version is regarded as earlier because it is simpler and unelaborated.’
    • ‘His litigation vs. law enforcement construct has a major unelaborated subcomponent.’
    • ‘This vision of a human progress at once more capacious and more humble than that asserted by modern Europe goes unelaborated.’
    • ‘It specifies only elections and leaves the take part clause suggestive and unelaborated.’
    • ‘The major figures in the field also raised such issues, but these were gestures amounting to little more than footnotes, unelaborated caveats and asides.’
    • ‘While she starts her end note with two praise comments, she leaves both of them unspecified and unelaborated, allowing them to be read merely as a gesture.’