Meaning of unelected in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnɪˈlɛktɪd/


  • (of an official) not elected.

    ‘unelected bureaucrats’
    • ‘Yet, Commissioners are unelected and the Commission is often portrayed as an unaccountable technocracy.’
    • ‘They are staffed and managed by a bunch of unelected officials and governors.’
    • ‘From this time, unelected officials from this bureaucracy have proved on occasions to be in competition with the president.’
    • ‘It has shown what happens when unelected officials run their own fiefdoms with little regard for democratic accountability.’
    • ‘It is not even able to control the unelected commissioners in Brussels.’
    • ‘The debate about who to appoint as the head of the unelected European Commission reinforces this point.’
    • ‘New-style council cabinets work in collusion with unelected quangos to increasingly control spending.’
    • ‘The constitution itself was drawn up by a panel of unelected bureaucrats.’
    • ‘Do you want more unelected bureaucrats taking over more details of your life and your family's life?’
    • ‘We have a Court of Appeal with unelected judges engaged in activism.’
    • ‘I do not think we should leave it in the hands of an unelected civil servant to determine what goes in the summary.’
    • ‘It's not just the fact that they're unelected that makes it undemocratic, but the way they are put there.’
    • ‘So it's a bit rich coming from the unelected chairman of the Labour Party.’
    • ‘This is an unelected government, installed in office by the Supreme Court despite having lost the popular vote.’
    • ‘Another unelected committee monitors member states' compliance with the convergence criteria.’
    • ‘The question then has to be how an unelected sovereign can justifiably exist in a democracy?’
    • ‘This bill leaves those decisions to an unelected and unaccountable committee that meets behind closed doors.’
    • ‘For the first time in decades, unelected judges were telling elected parliamentarians what they could and couldn't do.’
    • ‘Now this unelected lord is in charge of modernising the British constitution.’
    • ‘It is an unelected body consisting of representatives of the largest US banks and corporations.’