Meaning of unembodied in English:



  • (of an idea, quality, or feeling) not having a tangible or visible form.

    ‘claims to knowledge of an unembodied consciousness’
    • ‘divine and unembodied power’
    • ‘There is no need to be disturbed in mind on hearing of the birth, human body, sufferings and death of the immaterial and unembodied Word of God.’
    • ‘Many modern philosophers consider that claims to knowledge of an unembodied consciousness (a God) are too dubious and implausible to be worth considering.’
    • ‘About 100 new channeled works are published each year and it is unlikely that the true and full intent of either the unembodied entity or the channeler are expressed in the copyright notice.’
    • ‘Attributing specified complexity to intelligence for biological systems is regarded as problematic because such an intelligence would in all likelihood have to be unembodied.’
    • ‘Did he not ever and everywhere reach through the matter of the elements, stamping his own beauty and unembodied ideas on the qualities of matter?’
    • ‘He presents the bacterial flagellum as the premier example of a biological system that must have been actualized by the form-conferring action of an unembodied intelligent agent.’
    • ‘Sometimes an idea, instead of springing forcibly into life and dying unembodied, dawns gradually.’
    impalpable, untouchable, imperceptible to the touch, non-physical, bodiless, incorporeal, unembodied, disembodied, abstract, invisible



/ʌnɪmˈbɒdɪd/ /ʌnɛmˈbɒdɪd/