Meaning of unemphatically in English:



See unemphatic

‘The story unemphatically revolves around the main character, Chris Gardner, and his son, Christopher.’
  • ‘I consider myself unemphatically to be a Conservative Republican and no longer will I apologize for it.’
  • ‘The moral power of Fussell's narrative is all the greater for being so unemphatically delivered.’
  • ‘This is more or less the theory adopted by the majority of modern scientists, either unemphatically or emphatically.’
  • ‘Typically, this part of the film is edited so unemphatically that it appears to place equal emphasis on the little boy's bed-wetting and the death of his mother.’



/ˌʌnɪmˈfatɪkli/ /ˌʌnɛmˈfatɪkli/