Meaning of unemployment benefit in English:

unemployment benefit



(also US unemployment compensation)
mass noun
  • Payment made by the state or, in the US, a trade union, to an unemployed person.

    ‘Any cat over the age of six months can be neutered but to be eligible for the offer you need to be receiving benefit, such as a state pension, income support, unemployment benefit or family credit.’
    • ‘This was originally intended as a tax that would provide sick pay, unemployment benefit and pensions.’
    • ‘For tax purposes, clergy were designated Class E, which entitled them to social welfare payments, but not unemployment benefit.’
    • ‘The claims she has made for unemployment benefit and maternity payments have been rejected by the authorities in Skive, where they have settled.’
    • ‘Families dependent on unemployment benefit and lone parent allowances do not have acceptable living budgets, according to a major study.’
    • ‘Most of his income comes from unemployment benefit, a far cry from the sums being earned by those who have jumped on the game's financial gravy train.’
    • ‘The payment must be farm assist, fish assist, unemployment assistance or unemployment benefit.’
    • ‘Under Heath, the government began paying more money to those on invalidity benefit than those on unemployment benefit.’
    • ‘Putting up the minimum wage and increasing unemployment benefit are not the way ahead.’
    • ‘Some claimants for unemployment benefit will only receive a reduced rate of payment due to changes announced in the Budget.’
    • ‘The same benefits will also apply to one-parent family payment recipients, and those receiving unemployment benefit.’
    • ‘He doesn't claim unemployment benefit or try to scam the social welfare.’
    • ‘Born in Belfast, he left school at 15, subsisting on unemployment benefit after service in the British army.’
    • ‘Then they would collect unemployment benefit as opposed to strike pay from the union.’
    • ‘No PRSI payments means no health, maternity, dental or unemployment benefit.’
    • ‘Perhaps we might get a redundancy payment, but then our unemployment benefit would be cut back.’
    • ‘I have never claimed unemployment benefit, never been sick, never broken the law and worked hard to ensure that this remained a great country for my children and grandchildren to grow up in.’
    • ‘Now there are 1,586 claiming unemployment benefit.’
    • ‘The current personal rate of unemployment benefit is €148.80 per week.’
    • ‘The number of people claiming unemployment benefit in July dropped to 1,981 compared to 2,021 in June.’
    social security, benefit, state benefit, benefit payment, public assistance