Meaning of unenterprising in English:



  • Not having or showing initiative or entrepreneurial ability.

    ‘they demand their children seek permission for any act, but then turn upon them as unenterprising’
    • ‘Scoring the only tries of the game Melrose assured themselves a comfortable enough win at the Greenyards against an unenterprising Aberdeen GSFP.’
    • ‘He had done nothing in his grubby and unenterprising life but walk in his father's shadow, and it was soon to be made clear that this trend was not about to change.’
    • ‘He launched repeated and brutally unenterprising attacks across the stone bridge which bears his name.’
    • ‘In general he found French agriculture backward and unenterprising and few historians since have disagreed.’
    • ‘It retells the rise and fall of a boastful but unenterprising man who marries a well-to-do, enterprising woman named Mary.’
    • ‘For Cather, visiting Mesa Verde is about recovering a period of time when people such as the cliff dwellers were ‘absolutely unenterprising in the modern American sense’.’
    • ‘In this context it is unsurprising that imaginative representations of the threat to capital in the form of visions of digital pirates or of an unenterprising colossus, flesh out the picture.’
    • ‘Anglos considered Mexicans an innately lazy and unenterprising people who had failed to exploit the rich natural resources of the Southwest.’
    cautious, careful, prudent, chary, circumspect, wary, hesitant, tentative, timid