Meaning of unenthused in English:



  • Not interested or appreciative; unenthusiastic.

    ‘they are pretty unenthused about the idea’
    • ‘This week I'm feeling pretty unenthused about my experiments.’
    • ‘It is indeed a lazy production, marred by a patchy gag rate and a truly unenthused turn from its biggest star.’
    • ‘He fails miserably in trying to capture the minds of the unenthused students.’
    • ‘Once again an unenthused chorus prevented it from seeming alive.’
    • ‘I left the theater feeling unenthused and overly critical, and immediately started picking it apart.’
    • ‘She sounds understandably unenthused by the prospect.’
    • ‘I am unenthused by an energy source that will increase the demand for agricultural lands and water.’
    • ‘An unenthused potential hire and an aggravated employer seldom make a gainful connection.’
    • ‘They all share stories of being overlooked or unenthused by school until they meet Jensen and are turned on to the arts.’
    • ‘Some officers are unenthused about regularly attending the fledgling group's meetings.’



/ˌʌnɪnˈθjuːzd/ /ˌʌnɛnˈθjuːzd/