Meaning of unenvied in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈɛnvɪd/


  • Not regarded with envy.

    ‘Edward has the rather unenvied distinction of being the last of the religious martyrs in England to be burned at the stake.’
    • ‘Congress accepted the unenvied job in 1974, establishing the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. - paid for by corporations, regulated by Washington and, day by day, falling deeper in debt.’
    • ‘Unhappy is he who goes unenvied for his love affairs, who loves safely with no bile or fear, who is served days and nights by a willing girl friend, awed by his dignities, his power, his name.’
    • ‘Throughout the years, this trend has consistently represented a plethora of security issues that places the United States in an unenvied predicament historically occupied by the Persians, Sikhs, Soviets, and British.’
    • ‘He has one of the most unenvied jobs in world football.’
    • ‘Learn to be pleased with everything, with wealth so far as it makes us beneficial to others; with poverty, for not having much to care for; and with obscurity, for being unenvied.’
    • ‘It is the great privilege of poverty to be happy and yet unenvied.’
    • ‘And so it is that this Christmas Day I want to send a special message of encouragement and good cheer to those of you whose lot is cast in dull and unenvied surroundings, to those whose names will never be household words, but to whose work and loyalty we owe so much.’