Meaning of unescorted in English:



  • Not escorted.

    ‘children unescorted by an adult’
    • ‘It makes little sense that they would have loaded a great amount of treasure on an unescorted ship.’
    • ‘The sinking of the liner showed how vulnerable unescorted ships were against a submarine.’
    • ‘Few women travelled unescorted in those days, so Dubtach probably sent an escort with her.’
    • ‘Few women travelled unescorted in in those days so Dubtach probably sent an escort with her.’
    • ‘Once they have undergone an official briefing and paid the annual marine park entrance fee, suitably certified divers are free to dive unescorted and at their own discretion.’
    • ‘In fact, according to Bayne, there are about 1,200 federal prisoners currently out on some form of parole, whether escorted or unescorted.’
    • ‘Services manager Malcolm Campbell said: ‘He had been progressing well and had been having regular unescorted leave for over a year without incident.’’
    • ‘The nuclear waste shipping fleet is aging and unescorted by naval forces, it is however armed.’
    • ‘Those that are arrested are often sent unescorted to Croydon because the nearest immigration office is 60 miles away in Harwich, north Essex.’
    • ‘Traveling unescorted into Safwan today, I got a far different picture.’
    • ‘However, the groups were largely unescorted so Julius attached himself to one of the first parties and was able to travel to England.’
    • ‘She opened a gate leading to a small room and asked us to walk into it unescorted, passing a hanging bridge under dark lights.’
    • ‘He had been on an unescorted walk around the hospital grounds.’
    • ‘Becoming bored and saturated by their activity, the three unescorted boys ran into the Disney shop.’
    • ‘There are people who believe it is wrong for women to be seen in public unescorted by a male relative.’
    • ‘The RC135 flew unescorted, according to U.S. media.’
    • ‘The recruits were traveling unarmed and unescorted.’
    • ‘She also missed her freedom to come and go unescorted and unphotographed.’
    unmarried, single, unwed, unwedded



/ʌnɪˈskɔːtɪd/ /ʌnɛˈskɔːtɪd/