Meaning of unessential in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnɪˈsɛnʃ(ə)l/


  • Not absolutely necessary; inessential.

    ‘a train has broken down, resulting in a call to postpone all unessential travel’
    • ‘In the same way, we have a low tolerance for what we perceive to be excessive or needless paperwork or anything else that appears unessential to the mission.’
    • ‘Royal Mail bosses warned customers against posting unessential items as they battled to cope with a huge backlog of letters.’
    • ‘‘What I try to do is abstract beautiful landscapes and discard the unessentials,’ Kaldis told an interviewer in 1974.’
    • ‘The company has undergone structural reorganisation and has taken significant steps to cut unessential costs.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, when utilizing the members of the group only, the band falls into the same traps that made their previous two albums pleasant, but unessential.’
    • ‘But to have the strength to say ‘no’ to the unessential products in life would release a person from the coils of consumption.’
    • ‘It's not that the majority of the songs presented are offensively bad, just completely (pardon me) unessential.’
    • ‘They are recognizing that occasional stockouts will occur, or some problem in performance might occur in some unessential supply chains.’
    • ‘A pleasant but unessential DVD companion for a pleasant but excellent album.’
    • ‘By then also, all unessential civilians had been evacuated.’
    • ‘We create a healthy body when we consume the essential nutritional building blocks of food and eliminate whatever is unessential.’
    • ‘Stripped of unessential gear and backup systems, it cannot send out a rover to explore the local terrain but must instead rely on a single robotic arm to probe the site.’
    • ‘I would emphasize that, although unessential, it is nevertheless highly desirable.’
    • ‘The last activity could have been categorized as unessential to some, but Kace needed to be with her friends as much as the next kid.’
    • ‘The condition of omnipotent lordship, then, becomes the reverse of what it wants to be: dependent, static, and unessential.’
    • ‘Cups were unessential when trying to pack lightly and be prepared for almost any contingency.’
    • ‘Hayes does a fine job in the role but this character is just too weird and unessential to the film.’
    • ‘During starvation, in addition to lowering body temperature, thereby decreasing heat loss and energy needed to maintain a higher temperature, the organism destroys unessential functional capacity and unneeded tissue.’
    • ‘The exact number is left to the performers since composers from the era reduced publishing expenses by omitting unessential or doubled parts.’
    • ‘A limited edition second CD comes with some copies, but this is largely unessential.’
    unnecessary, not necessary, not essential, non-essential, not needed, not required, unwanted, uncalled-for, needless, redundant, superfluous, excessive, excess, surplus, dispensable, expendable, optional, ornamental, cosmetic