Meaning of unevangelical in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌniːvanˈdʒɛlɪk(ə)l/


  • Not evangelical.

    ‘The most common justification for colleges running courses or having lecturers espousing such decidedly unevangelical views on Genesis is that ‘we teach all views’.’
    • ‘This staining of young minds made for one form of ‘influence’, unevangelical and unintended.’
    • ‘Consumerism that is totally unchristian and unevangelical rules us through the media.’
    • ‘Similarly, the denial of inerrancy may be the signal that some unevangelical factor has been immixed in the conception.’
    • ‘He also has a decidedly unevangelical interpretation of the fall of Adam.’
    • ‘Luther is reluctant to use the word ‘priest’ because in the Roman tradition the office of the ministry is coupled with an unevangelical concept of the sacrifice.’
    • ‘But his rather unevangelical admonitions are going down badly even with Catholic help groups who regret his closeness to xenophobic rightists in Italy and other European countries.’
    • ‘Again, I must beware of the danger of speaking about evangelical doctrine of evangelicals in an unevangelical spirit.’
    • ‘Dr. Hendry comments: ‘It is unevangelical to insist on the maintenance of marriage as a matter of law when it has been broken as a matter of fact’.’
    • ‘The unevangelical way of conditional grace takes the responsibility off the shoulders of the Lamb and places it on the person - a hopeless prospect.’
    • ‘Christianity Today noted that he was ‘a man whose theology had decidedly unevangelical elements’.’
    • ‘In his encyclical on ecumenism, Pope Paul II speaks of the need to overcome our exclusiveness, our reluctance to forgive, our pride, our presumptuous disdain, and our unevangelical proclivity to condemn the other side.’