Meaning of unexaggerated in English:



  • Not exaggerated, overblown, or unrealistic.

    ‘a true, unexaggerated statement’
    • ‘The complete absence of superfluous detail allows the unexaggerated gestures of the participants to register with full dramatic force.’
    • ‘This Brahms First is solid, unexaggerated, and faithful to the score.’
    • ‘Slatkin's conducting is straight-ahead and unexaggerated; these are interpretations that do not call attention to themselves.’
    • ‘The violin-playing is warm, unaffected, and as shapely and unexaggerated as a classical Greek statue.’
    • ‘The song traces calypso history with flawless research and in unexaggerated terms.’
    • ‘This story, while seemingly preposterous, is an unexaggerated fact of life, and not at all unusual.’
    • ‘Its style was unpretending, its ideas simple, its tone unassuming, its sentiments unexaggerated.’
    • ‘That happy-dog, defining-moment grin Ginsberg caught in his cover photo tells it all: utter exhilaration at unexaggerated altitudes.’



/ˌʌnɪɡˈzadʒəreɪtɪd/ /ˌʌnɛɡˈzadʒəreɪtɪd/