Meaning of unexcited in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnɪkˈsʌɪtɪd/


  • 1Not feeling or displaying enthusiasm, eagerness, or strong emotion.

    ‘he seems genuinely unexcited by becoming a major player in Hollywood’
    • ‘The survey found 56 percent of Republicans were either ambivalent or unexcited by his candidacy.’
    • ‘Even the companies who make robots seem pretty unexcited about them.’
    • ‘The girl on the information desk looks similarly unexcited.’
    • ‘Democrats called the proposals inadequate and Wall Street appeared unexcited about the changes, many of which had been made public before the speech.’
    • ‘Dr Perelman is equally unexcited by the 530,000 that the Clay Mathematics Institute in Boston is almost certain to give him for solving the problem.’
    • ‘Eventually, her heart began to slow down, until it reached its perfectly normal, unexcited, pedestrian pace.’
    • ‘He was unexcited by the subject of the novel, and was in any case preoccupied with his impending departure for America.’
    • ‘This discussion needs to be conducted in a sober and unexcited manner.’
    • ‘"I suppose one could say that," Alexander replied, his voice sounding dull and unexcited.’
    • ‘"Even that image cannot spoil my happy mood, Miss Bingley," he replied, although by all appearances his mood was calm and unexcited.’
    • ‘The former provincial solicitor sent soldiers east with all the unexcited deliberation of a man reading out the result of a search.’
    • ‘I'm rather unexcited by the whole thing.’
    • ‘While her colleagues had left the field and moved up the career ladder, to well-paid desk positions once they got married and had children, Pratap had continued to move in the frontlines of war, unexcited by the thought of sitting down and working.’
    • ‘People are unexcited about what they imagine heaven could be like.’
    • ‘I have an interview for this job, and every day leading up to this interview, my boyfriend has become more and more unexcited about this job opportunity for me.’
    • ‘I am unexcited about the possibility of purchasing another router.’
    • ‘When unexcited, this body of the common people, which makes up the effective force of the industrial community, is rather averse to any other than a defensive fight.’
    • ‘If you're unexcited about the Iowa caucuses, maybe this lady's enthusiasm will be contagious.’
    • ‘I'm depressed by the state of the world at large and I'm unexcited by most of the people I know.’
    • ‘Unexcited as I am at the thought of doing that tiresome paper early and arguing it in front of a couple hundred people, that almost-guaranteed A is a carrot I can't resist.’
    monotonous, toneless, droning, boring, dull, tedious, uninteresting, unexciting, soporific
  • 2Physics
    Of or in the normal or lowest energy state.

    ‘In most materials in their normal state, there will be far more electrons in the unexcited lower energy level orbitals then there are in the more energetic excited ones.’
    • ‘Nuclei with full shells of protons, neutrons, or both are said to have magic numbers and, if unexcited, are usually spherical.’
    • ‘Initially all the donors are unexcited and available to absorb incident excitons.’
    • ‘Hydrated electrons relax back to their unexcited state in about 50 femtoseconds.’
    • ‘It transitioned back to the unexcited state as field strength was increased from 58 V / cm to 60 V / cm (ULE = 58 V / cm).’