Meaning of unexercised in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈɛksəsʌɪzd/


  • 1Not made use of or put into practice.

    ‘unexercised stock options’
    • ‘If the company's stock price falls, the option simply remains unexercised, although in practice this is not always the case.’
    • ‘At the helm of Fannie Mae is another Clinton appointee, Franklin Raines, who was paid more than $4 million and had almost $6 million in unexercised stock options in his first year at the helm.’
    • ‘That figure does not include his unexercised stock options.’
    • ‘In addition he has had nearly £11m in salaries, bonuses and long-term compensation from 2002-04, and also has more than £17m in unexercised options.’
    • ‘The latest transaction cuts his holding to £2m, excluding unexercised share options and incentive shares.’
    • ‘Pearl Meyer and Partners estimate that outstanding, unexercised executive stock options and employee stock incentives today amount to some $2 trillion.’
    • ‘This figure does not include unexercised stock options totalling $341,518,062 from previous years.’
    • ‘We found that 68 percent of the presidents held unexercised stock options.’
    • ‘In addition, he retains unexercised stock options valued at $382 million as of earlier this year.’
    • ‘He can also fall back on another $3,134,250 in unexercised stock options from previous years.’
    • ‘However, these figures actually understate the true market valuations of both businesses, because of the enormous number of in-the-money and unexercised options out there.’
    • ‘Just a week later at a board meeting in London's Carlton Hotel, Batchelor resigned, his options unexercised.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the option owned by the Indonesian Government on the Kelian plant was allowed to expire unexercised, so the crating and shipping process is now under way, to everyone's great relief.’
    • ‘Paul McCracken, the operations director, who increased his holding from 13,280 to 163,845 had another 775,000 options unexercised.’
    • ‘Tax advisers urge individuals with unexercised options to assess their situation immediately, as a confusing number of deadlines may have to be met, depending on a person's circumstances.’
    • ‘At least Maude will have a basis in the stock options equal to Harold's income, and she eventually will claim a capital loss when the unexercised options expire.’
    • ‘It has other unexercised options that can take its stake in ACTV up to about 24%.’
    • ‘Several of these contracts have either expired unexercised or were substantially out of the money this summer.’
    • ‘There you will find out how many of those shares the executive actually owns and how many are unexercised options.’
    • ‘The joint lead managers have agreed to purchase any shares that relate to unexercised rights at the completion of the rights exercise period.’
  • 2(of a person) not taking exercise; unfit.

    • ‘he worried about Catherine's delicate, unexercised constitution’