Meaning of unexposed in English:



  • 1Covered or protected; not vulnerable.

    ‘improved sanitation meant the younger generation were unexposed to the virus’
    • ‘We have not inspected any parts of the property which are covered, unexposed or inaccessible.’
    • ‘For a virus that needs a constant supply of new, unexposed human beings to thrive, conditions were perfect.’
    • ‘I'll probably have to start sending my unexposed stock overseas before too long.’
    • ‘Less popular than its neighbor Spain, Portugal remains relatively unexposed but holds much for travelers to discover.’
    • ‘Differences were evident when the exposed children were compared with unexposed children.’
    • ‘There's a couple of unexposed things, decked out in red and green stripes.’
    • ‘For 1988 and 1989, when the site was being developed and first used, the rate of congenital malformation in the five exposed wards was 3.6 times that in the unexposed wards.’
    • ‘Exposed patients were slightly older than unexposed patients (68.6 versus 67.5 years).’
    • ‘The mean age of the combined groups, and the mean education level matched the unexposed group.’
    • ‘And for women, skirts and V-neck blouses are obviously designed to expose the attractive parts of the female body; they are also tailored to emphasis the unexposed parts.’
    • ‘The TD rate for the unexposed patients was 10%.’
    • ‘Since we had no unexposed group, we were unable to estimate whether, and by how much, it increases the risk of recurrent congestive heart failure.’
    • ‘First, some discrepancies between registered addresses and actual addresses could have resulted in misclassification bias, possibly leading to inaccurate classification of the exposed and unexposed individuals.’
    • ‘Because concentrations of environmental fluoride are low, the distinction between the exposed and the unexposed population is often blurred, making the traditional tool of epidemiology less sensitive.’
    • ‘The mean blood lead levels in these groups were high, compared with the unexposed group; however, no significant association existed between the groups.’
    • ‘In UVB-exposed fish the spontaneous, nonstimulated proliferation of lymphocytes was constantly lower than that of unexposed controls.’
    • ‘We estimated, after reviewing the literature, that 15% of women would have experienced domestic violence and that 10% of the unexposed group would score as depressed.’
    • ‘Frequencies of 28 of the 35 symptoms assayed were elevated significantly in the exposed group, compared with the unexposed group.’
    • ‘They were significantly younger than the unexposed referent group, but they had the same education level as the aforementioned referent group.’
    • ‘Urine specimens from 63 adult production workers, 63 adult quality control workers, and 63 unexposed normal controls were analyzed with DPSV.’
    1. 1.1(of photographic film) not subjected to light.
      ‘a piece of unexposed film’
      • ‘Instead of striking unexposed film, light entering a typical digital camera is focused onto a charge-coupled device, or CCD.’
      • ‘Research and medical personnel who are exposed to radiation on a daily basis are required to wear a radiation badge, which contains unexposed pieces of photographic film.’
      • ‘During the shutter's brief click, silver-halide crystals on the unexposed film record the varying levels of light in the scene being photographed.’
      • ‘We see all the things which should ideally be invisible in transparent, unexposed film - dirt, defects, scratches flashing by like hieroglyphs of imperfection.’
      • ‘A young production assistant, Raffi, has just returned from Armenia with five cans of unexposed film and is proceeding through Canada Customs.’
      • ‘Can X-ray machines really harm unexposed film?’
      • ‘Do not place exposed or unexposed film in checked baggage.’
      • ‘I switched off the flash, folded down the arm and applied the shutter-lock with unexposed film left in the camera, just as a large triggerfish appeared in front of me.’
      • ‘I confess that I put by enough unexposed film to take advantage of the incredible chances I made for myself with them.’
      • ‘I came up with unexposed film once in 19 dives, and that was because my strobes were not firing.’
      • ‘War photographers (who, like war reporters, wore uniforms) often had to send their unexposed rolls of film to the Pentagon for processing.’
      • ‘The new, more powerful baggage-screening equipment may damage unexposed and exposed film stored in checked and carry-on bags.’
      • ‘First, the black-and-white latent image is developed and then the rest of the unexposed material is chemically fogged.’
      • ‘I put my film, exposed and unexposed, in my hand luggage.’
      • ‘His ‘imaginary snapshots’ are created using unexposed, processed photographic paper.’
      • ‘Much like unexposed photographic paper, an ectoplasm was ruined when flooded with white light and could only be seen, if briefly, under red lamps similar to those used to illuminate darkrooms.’
      • ‘To test for uniform washing of paper, develop and fix a blank, unexposed piece of paper.’
  • 2predicative Not introduced to or acquainted with something.

    ‘a person unexposed to spiritualist traditions’
    • ‘Naturally, this makes interpersonal relations, especially with societies unexposed to the advantages of the American lifestyle, a little difficult.’
    • ‘European Ballet is, however, one of the few and their high quality productions have brought the magic of ballet to audiences previously unexposed to such majesty.’
    • ‘She has grown up in Seattle and is unexposed to the challenges of life in the wild, among the under-globalized.’
    • ‘Ofir writes that the day would also be a way of spreading traffic to unknown bloggers who may otherwise remain unexposed to a large audience.’
    • ‘Crossover-effect problems result because populations unexposed to chemical and/or radiation are now rare.’
    • ‘What distinguished the teenage death songs is that they targeted directly at a young audience previously unexposed to accounts of death in their pop songs.’
    • ‘While the book makes interesting reading to someone unexposed to the Indian ‘reality’, it fails to engage an informed reader, as the core concerns remain unanswered.’
    • ‘This may negatively boost extremists' causes, because groups with similar interests, unexposed to other points of view, tend to become extremists.’
    • ‘In contemporary psychology it is difficult if not impossible to be unexposed to his research and theories.’
    • ‘Second, unexposed to outside influences and with plenty of time on his hands to think, his mind has no limits.’
    • ‘On the other hand, he is so unexposed to the complex social and emotional fabric of the real world, that he is completely helpless.’
    • ‘Anyone who has seen the film will obviously understand that for those unexposed to his works, a first viewing of his material comes at a high cost.’
  • 3Not made public; concealed.

    ‘no secrets were left unexposed’
    • ‘Is this another unexposed web of lies, corruption and collusion?’
    • ‘So if you have an undiscovered and unexposed talent, please let us know.’
    • ‘More important is ‘beta risk’ - where there is unexposed fraud.’
    • ‘Jim Turner's unexposed four-year-old put up a highly satisfactory display on her debut over timber to make virtually all in a similar contest last month.’
    • ‘Unfound objects can be undetected, undiscovered, or unexposed.’



/ʌnɪkˈspəʊzd/ /ʌnɛkˈspəʊzd/