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  • 1(of a thought or feeling) not communicated or made known.

    ‘he thought it best to leave his doubts unexpressed’
    • ‘One of the many scandalous realities we choose to ignore because we cannot assimilate it is the fact of unexpressed thought.’
    • ‘Write down your feelings and unexpressed thoughts - the ones the breakup left you with and the ones you never told her about when you were friends.’
    • ‘When you first allow your child to have full tantrums, she may have quite a few, because you've opened the doors to a storehouse full of unexpressed feelings.’
    • ‘I have worked with a lot of adults with autism, and you feel there is so much frustration, so much unexpressed emotion that they cannot manage.’
    • ‘There is no lingering malice or unexpressed resentment lurking among the ulterior motives of this sign.’
    • ‘Watch for clues to unexpressed anger, embarrassment, fear, and depression in the patient's facial expression, word choice, and body language.’
    • ‘The men of Lantana are generally inarticulate and choked with unexpressed emotion; they are the ones least equipped for disappointment.’
    • ‘If terrorists are in your dreams, you need to release unexpressed anger.’
    • ‘Often the reader feels inside their heads, hearing their unexpressed doubts or hunches.’
    • ‘I'm listening now to the Concerto, which always seemed to be hobbled by unexpressed expectations.’
    • ‘Two girls are murdered in awful circumstances and there has to be an outlet for unexpressed rage.’
    • ‘These emotions include fears, vulnerabilities, and unexpressed resentments.’
    • ‘The movie is crammed with characters and episodes and yet the unexpressed passion between Inman and Ada which is meant to give a surge to everything we see stifles it instead.’
    • ‘Old resentments, hurts, ego wounds, emotional wounds, unresolved conflicts, memories of large and tiny defeats, unspoken truths and unexpressed love that has turned sour - the array is enormous.’
    • ‘The film shows the effect of a father's unexpressed grief on his eight-year old son, Garnet, whose mother died giving him birth.’
    • ‘Don't you see in that sheet of paper a whole world of unexpressed ideas?’
    • ‘In addition, unexpressed anger can lead to passive-aggressiveness - indirectly putting others down, for instance.’
    • ‘Without these complexes our subconscious urges and needs would have no form of expression and we would simply explode from within due to unexpressed emotions, a nervous breakdown.’
    • ‘But if grief is unexpressed, it stays in the body and hardens there.’
    • ‘For many, there is an unexpressed belief that everything will be entirely digital, sooner or later.’
    dormant, quiescent, inactive, untapped, unused
  • 2Genetics
    (of a gene) not appearing in a phenotype.

    ‘shortness is a recessive or unexpressed characteristic of Mendel's pea plants’
    • ‘We note that correction could occur between a highly expressed gene and an unexpressed pseudogene.’
    • ‘Consequently, it is impossible to determine how selection would have acted on unexpressed alternative phenotypes in that environment.’
    • ‘Indeed, if sequence divergence decreases hybridization signal, these genes should have more frequently appeared overexpressed than unexpressed.’
    • ‘As others have pointed out, unexpressed or obsolete genes may persist as open reading frames for some time even in the absence of selective maintenance.’
    • ‘Through evolutionary time, traits that are unexpressed are eventually lost.’



/ʌnɪkˈsprɛst/ /ʌnɛkˈsprɛst/