Meaning of unexpressive in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnɪkˈsprɛsɪv/

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  • Showing no expression; emotionless.

    ‘his big brown eyes were dull and unexpressive’
    • ‘The other looks like the plaything of a singularly unexpressive individual, a billionaire from nowhere near London.’
    • ‘Frequently, the tone of their speech is flat and unexpressive.’
    • ‘Emotionally expressive individuals are perceived as more visible, more attractive, and more likeable than unexpressive individuals.’
    • ‘He is shy and unexpressive and is often bullied at school.’
    • ‘Saddling their story with such an unexpressive director is just plain mean.’
    • ‘International judges, while impressed by his quads and other athletic moves, found him too stiff and unexpressive.’
    • ‘This is a guy whose appeal is that he's an everyman, a standard-issue schmoe, and his voice is flat and unexpressive.’
    • ‘Hey, husband, my boss is a silent, unexpressive block of concrete, and you are almost as bad.’
    • ‘My guess is that someone might conclude she's oddly unexpressive and a little strange - but likeable.’
    • ‘She has often interpreted the unexpressive and disinterested look on my face to mean I don't care about her - when that is not true.’
    • ‘A week after she began treatment, my client called me, her voice no longer an unexpressive monotone, to tell me that 'the cloud had moved away'.’
    • ‘His pointy, simpery, unexpressive features look like a cross between those of an 11-year-old boy and a death mask.’
    emotionless, expressionless, inexpressive, blank, vacant, impassive, inscrutable, deadpan
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