Meaning of unfamiliarity in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnfəmɪlɪˈarɪti/

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mass noun
  • 1The quality of not being known or recognized.

    ‘the relative unfamiliarity of the Scandinavian songs’
    • ‘a word can excite by its very unfamiliarity’
    • ‘One problem is simply the unfamiliarity of the terrain.’
    • ‘The recording balances warmth and brilliance, and the booklet notes are helpful, given the unfamiliarity of the music.’
    • ‘Due to the oil's unfamiliarity, it has an unpleasant taste to them.’
    • ‘The time lost increased with the complexity and the unfamiliarity of the tasks.’
    • ‘Many students seemed bothered by the unfamiliarity of the names and their inability to pronounce them.’
  • 2unfamiliarity withLack of knowledge or experience of something.

    ‘her unfamiliarity with the area results in her getting lost’
    • ‘counterfeiters exploited people's unfamiliarity with the currency’
    • ‘Their obvious unfamiliarity with the animals made her irritable.’
    • ‘Unfamiliarity with the technology led some people to bury the devices in their tote bags.’
    • ‘The crudeness in construction may be attributed to the mason's unfamiliarity with the new material.’
    • ‘Even when armed, the militia showed an unfamiliarity with guns.’
    • ‘Unfamiliarity with the disease is a big problem there.’