Meaning of unfatherly in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈfɑːðəli/


  • Not having or showing the affectionate or protective characteristics associated with a father.

    ‘God's nature was thought of as austere and unfatherly’
    • ‘They were miniature foxes and so he greeted them respectfully, prostrating himself in a most unfatherly way.’
    • ‘He casts out his daughter in unfatherly fashion and then laments the ingratitude of his daughters.’
    • ‘But such an unfatherly answer does not still our hunger.’
    • ‘After the flogging, Mick becomes an imposing monster in his house, threatening his wife, and developing a severely unfatherly interest in his youngest daughter.’
    • ‘Indeed, the initial inspiration behind the formation of the organisation was his belief that his unfatherly behaviour was the reason his daughter got pregnant on a one-night-stand.’
    • ‘Ismay, who has never discussed the incident with her sister, thinks she murdered Guy because she found him kissing Ismay in an unfatherly way.’
    • ‘With an age difference like that, they had to be father and daughter - but then I saw the man put his arm around her in a most unfatherly way.’
    • ‘He did not allow Beatrice to have boyfriends and entertained some rather unfatherly thoughts, which he expressed in verse.’