Meaning of unfelt in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈfɛlt/


  • Not felt or experienced.

    ‘his silence was full of unfelt feeling’
    • ‘And so there was a need - though usually unfelt - for an independent publication which could offer this material in a world language.’
    • ‘But self defence mechanisms set in rapidly, and the world's sorrow goes past the air-conditioned car unseen, unfelt.’
    • ‘The spires of San Francisco are lost in a bank of fog to the south, and beyond, unseen but not unfelt, lies Silicon Valley.’
    • ‘The idea is so outré, and so unfelt, that it is hard to see how it could.’
    • ‘We are fed and kept like a farmer keeps animals, always with the unseen and unfelt threat of death and sale.’
    • ‘At the same time, we harbor a huge amount of unfelt fear about sickness, aging and death, and that fear robs us of vitality, partly because we expend so much energy avoiding and repressing it.’
    • ‘At first, her motions were subtle enough to go unfelt, but after a while, as her boredom steadily increased, Mark started stirring uneasily in his sleep.’
    • ‘Tree frogs that never come down to the ground break into a chorus on some unseen and unfelt cue; land crabs the size of small dogs clatter through the undergrowth.’
    • ‘Slowly, her eyes opened and she looked out over the hushed clearing, the over grown grass moving in an unfelt breeze and brushing against the knees of her pants.’
    • ‘His eyes darkened and he gave her an unfelt smile.’
    • ‘Lack of feeling can lead to unfelt but serious damage to the feet and ulcers, which can become chronically infected, requiring amputation.’
    • ‘His almost unimaginable guilt from two consecutive suicides, too, is largely unplumbed, though probably not unfelt.’
    • ‘Then a book case across the room swung open and a thin, balding, sallow-faced man crept out, shaking slightly with some unfelt cold.’
    • ‘Branches heaved in an unfelt breeze and the tree waited.’
    • ‘Their pointed branches waved in an unfelt breeze, scratching at the sky as though trying to trace constellations with their points.’
    • ‘He wanted to disappear, to become blackness - unseen, unfelt, untouched.’
    • ‘After thanking Cynthia and Florence for the evening, I stepped outside and offered an airy, unfelt wave to the three people gathered around the threshold.’
    • ‘It was like an unfelt wind had just tossed the hood back.’
    • ‘Her thick, raven black hair blew about as if caught in some unfelt wind, and her hands moved quickly, forming strange gestures in the air.’
    • ‘Her hair floated on the air, as if blown by an unfelt wind.’