Meaning of unfinished in English:



  • 1Not finished or concluded; incomplete.

    ‘her last novel is unfinished’
    • ‘You must clear away the detritus, finish your unfinished business, before the New Year can be magic.’
    • ‘We are merely concluding unfinished business in terms of the deal, and this measure is the best form of closure.’
    • ‘It is the job of each new generation to finish the unfinished business of the past.’
    • ‘They finished second last year and feel they have some unfinished business to tend to.’
    • ‘Others talk about unfinished business or even revenge, if someone they know was killed.’
    • ‘Mr Prescott must endeavour to bring all parties back around the table to complete this morning's unfinished business.’
    • ‘Yet similar themes recur - Barker is a fearless writer, unafraid to return to business she feels is unfinished.’
    • ‘Maybe that's for the best, maybe it's not - for now it's just a nagging feeling of business still unfinished.’
    • ‘It is clear that our relationship with New Zealand is increasingly being seen as unfinished business.’
    • ‘For the United States, it was a good opportunity to complete the unfinished business of the American Revolution.’
    • ‘In fact, Mr Balls insists that he always wanted to stay on at the Treasury into the second term to complete unfinished business.’
    • ‘But over McGrath's cinematic legacy there hangs an air of unfinished business.’
    • ‘Scotland has unfinished political business, with a devolved Parliament that pleases some and not others.’
    • ‘Long-term he has his sights on a marathon debut at the end of the year but he still has unfinished business on the track.’
    • ‘Top of the unfinished business is to sort out the House of Lords.’
    • ‘Now we are seeing the immoral legacy of this unfinished business.’
    • ‘What about all the unfinished business in which they are involved?’
    • ‘In the Deep South, you can almost feel the blood in the soil, the unfinished business of a dark and tortured past.’
    • ‘Even if this particular pocket is wiped out, there is more important unfinished business.’
    • ‘I took the job on as there was unfinished business at a club where I have the backing of the chairman, committee and fans.’
    incomplete, uncompleted, truncated, aborted
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  • 2(of an object) not having been given an attractive surface appearance as the final stage of manufacture.

    ‘the garage door can be supplied unfinished for you to paint yourself’
    • ‘Despite its unfinished surface, the statue was detailed, each piece of her naked form perfectly shaped.’
    • ‘Road surfaces and footpaths in general are good, however road edges appear to be unfinished.’
    • ‘The statue, like the London version, appears to be unfinished.’
    unpainted, unvarnished, undressed, untreated, unprocessed, unprepared, raw, rough, natural
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