Meaning of unfirm in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈfəːm/


  • Not solid or secure.

    ‘unfirm ground’
    • ‘Man's desire, he asserts, is by its nature "giddy and unfirm".’
    • ‘Opponents would be on very unfirm legal ground if they try to impede the yeshiva.’
    • ‘He gently retrieved the cup, took a good swallow and returned it once again to the unfirm hand.’
    • ‘To a certain extent the seat in the saddle was unfirm, and the strength and poise of the body showed signs of abatement.’
    • ‘In my youthful consciousness, more, perhaps, than in the case of many others, the borderline between external and internal reality was unfirm.’
    soft, loose, flabby, unfirm, yielding, slack, lax, out of tone, toneless