Meaning of unfitly in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈfɪtli/


See unfit

‘A minute discussion of this subject would be a serious task; but if, as before, I am to give only an outline, the subject may not unfitly be summed up as follows.’
  • ‘I had in my days not unfitly been likened to Sir Philip, only with this difference - that I had the better leg and more amiable face.’
  • ‘The enlightened throughout the world will concur in the opinion that this proud and most honourable badge was most unfitly bestowed.’
  • ‘The first verse of this chapter some join to the foregoing chapter, and make it (not unfitly) the close of that.’
  • ‘We have gathered several facts which may not unfitly be woven into parables, and made to illustrate truth.’