Meaning of unfixable in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈfɪksəbl/


  • Not able to be repaired or put right.

    ‘I do not think the problem is unfixable’
    • ‘You end up with more time to do the things you care about instead of working on the unfixable.’
    • ‘All histories are dead, invisible, unfixable, unattainable, broken, inarticulate (' stutter ').’
    • ‘A deteriorating situation became unfixable in April 1993 at the York train show.’
    • ‘We've been able to fix things that doctor said were unfixable.’
    • ‘Put the two together, though, and they all sound neither good nor bad, just odd in a strange, unfixable way.’
    • ‘Rommel and his buddy Luke run a little mechanical shack where they fix the unfixable.’
    • ‘I gestured to it where the bracelet sat in a puddle of its own misery next to my lunch tray, its clasp split, unfixable.’
    • ‘From tomorrow, Turners Auctions will offer free auctions to people wanting to offload old, polluting, unfixable cars, with profits going to the owner.’
    • ‘Jerry was making it sound as if the problem was unfixable.’
    • ‘Saleem goes on to indicate that categorial identity reifies us, reduces our ongoing, multiple, unfixable selfhood to mere objects.’
    • ‘I'm really surprised at how good it turned out because I really thought it was unfixable.’
    • ‘If it was then you wouldn't need to patch it up and there wouldn't unfixable security holes in the program.’
    • ‘Divorce is brutal, but it's not one point from being trapped in an unhappy / unfixable marriage.’
    • ‘So it looks at the moment like a situation that seemed completely unworkable and unfixable is actually moving now to some sense of order.’
    • ‘Most people believe there were genuinely good and unfixable reasons for this explosion, but this boom was entirely avoidable and can be reversed.’
    • ‘Ten years of hapless fixes by Littlechild and his successor have failed to stem the tide of rip-offs at the heart of this unfixable system.’
    • ‘Look down the road, and knew this stuff was unfixable, and would rather abandon ship now than resign in shame in two years.’
    • ‘Did I make too many unfixable marks on my scratchboard?’
    • ‘Do we pour all of our resources in trying to fix an unfixable solution, or do we go away and pursue our own life, liberty and happiness.’
    • ‘We were relieved that the public response to the Economist story on our "unfixable" economy was not one of panic, but of resolve.’