Meaning of unflappable in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈflapəb(ə)l/

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  • Having or showing calmness in a crisis.

    • ‘I prided myself on being unflappable even in the most chaotic circumstances’
    • ‘self-contained, unflappable Glaswegian common sense’
    • ‘Malati, a sedate old female, was a placid soul, unflappable even in a crisis.’
    • ‘For almost all his career he's been regarded as one of the game's more astute players - unflappable, controlled.’
    • ‘It was a supremely rational column that made it sound like I had it all together, unflappable in the face of grief.’
    • ‘His unflappable dispassionate calm is an end in itself.’
    • ‘It was my brother that was always reckoned to be the laid back, unflappable one.’
    • ‘They are much like their coach: cool, unflappable, yet willing to methodically rip out your heart.’
    • ‘A brief wave of nausea broke through her normally unflappable control.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, Lone is so unflappable and in control that it's difficult to actively dislike him.’
    • ‘Robert was calm and unflappable and never seemed to get upset whatever stresses he was under.’
    • ‘For a quiet, level-headed lad, who is usually so composed and unflappable on the pitch, the prospect is one that exhilarates.’
    • ‘Completely unflappable, she always seemed in control, and her sunny personality shone through.’
    • ‘However, Waterloo was unflappable and withstood the charge.’
    • ‘He was absolutely unflappable even when Ganguly was out.’
    • ‘His normally unflappable image flagged when he failed to secure China's entry to the WTO during his U.S. trip last April.’
    • ‘He seemed solid, unflappable, disciplined and optimistic, a man who would get off the canvas quickly if felled and resume with a smile.’
    • ‘With nearly 10 years of work in the region, Mr Sharratt has won renown as an unflappable lawyer with a passion for the heat of the court room.’
    • ‘We met the horrors of two world wars and an IRA bombing campaign with an unflappable determination to carry on: we will face this threat just the same.’
    • ‘However, he does have the habit of taking his unflappable approach on to the pitch when a bit of flap is badly needed, especially when chasing down an opposition kick.’
    • ‘Usually unflappable, the German-born cardinal choked with emotion.’
    • ‘The unflappable Northern Ireland international has a presence and confidence about him that is obviously rubbing off on his fellow defenders.’
    imperturbable, unexcitable, cool, calm, collected, cool, calm, and collected, controlled, self-controlled, self-possessed, cool-headed, level-headed, relaxed, insouciant, serene, stoical, phlegmatic, unmoved
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