Meaning of unflashy in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈflaʃi/


  • Not seeking attention through being ostentatiously impressive; restrained or tasteful.

    ‘a solid, unflashy performance’
    • ‘In comparison with some of the content, it's a distinctly unflashy site.’
    • ‘He is one of the most unflashy people you could meet.’
    • ‘Not for the first time, the Camerons managed to look like a slightly glamorous version of the rest of us modern, unflashy, relaxed.’
    • ‘Weblogging software creates a highly effective and simple way of helping people create fully functional - if unflashy - regularly updated websites.’
    • ‘At dinner, you can start your Mission experience with some nicely creative but appealingly unflashy original cocktails designed by Dona Culver.’
    • ‘He began with a couple of branches for Wagamama, but Circus displays more of the quiet unflashy quality of his work.’
    • ‘It is a strange place for someone who is so deliberately unflashy to live.’
    • ‘Miller made use of his team's relatively unflashy, underdog status.’
    • ‘The sound and video quality are reminiscent of a solid public television offering, which is to say stolid and unflashy but executed with quality.’
    • ‘A sparse, unflashy documentary is more effective.’
    • ‘All this requires time and endless patience, it is unflashy and it seems not to suit the usually gung-ho US approach.’
    • ‘Garland has plotted a novel which is decidedly unflashy, despite its violent premise, and is disarmingly brief.’
    • ‘Altogether unflashy, The Good Girl remains first and foremost an actor's movie.’
    • ‘Her choices, which have been described as surprising, unflashy but not particularly inspiring, provide an insight into her own personal taste as well as her relationship with her husband.’
    • ‘The programme was relentlessly unflashy, balm in a media world that gets louder and more vulgar by the day.’
    • ‘So when Gordon Brown needed a solid, capable and unflashy Chancellor to carry on his stoic work at the Treasury he sent for his fellow Scot.’
    • ‘The mood is intimate, with Rae's unflashy style and crystal-clear voice used to mixed effect, best on quiet ballads, less successful on the bossa novas.’
    • ‘Utterson is the sort of unflashy centre that all forwards love to play with because he always delivers.’
    • ‘It's unflashy, but extremely effective.’
    • ‘Before Wright arrived, the forward line worked around Alan Smith, an unflashy 20-a-season man, a player as traditional as jellied eels.’