Meaning of unflinchingly in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈflɪn(t)ʃɪŋli/

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‘But for those who can take it unflinchingly, with a fraction of the passion that Christ displayed, this may yet be the most significant viewing experience in a lifetime.’
  • ‘These images unflinchingly confronted the gore, the naked terror, the arrogant incompetence, the pointless cruelty, the insane devastation of the military nightmare.’
  • ‘What I love about this movie is that it unflinchingly represents what it's like to be ill - not from a short-term, curable cause, but to have an ongoing condition.’
  • ‘By all accounts, he is a courageous official, prepared to stand unflinchingly in the way of those who try to buy themselves shortcuts around building regulations.’