Meaning of unflustered in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈflʌstəd/


  • Not agitated; calm and self-controlled.

    ‘she seemed surprisingly unflustered by the delay’
    • ‘Tony Blair arrived for prime minister's questions looking quite unflustered.’
    • ‘On board was an attractive, clever young Englishwoman who seemed surprisingly unflustered by the delay.’
    • ‘On countless occasions on Wednesday, the Swiss emerged unflustered with possession.’
    • ‘I probably looked a bit disappointed by how unflustered he was at my request.’
    • ‘Experience, combined with a sound, unflustered temperament, is holding Forsyth in good stead.’
    • ‘Between them they ensured the follow-on was avoided, but the main architect of West Indies' reply was the unflustered, unfussy Chanderpaul.’
    • ‘Mitnick, whose probation order prevented him using the Internet legally until late last month, seems unflustered by the latest attack on his company.’
    • ‘He said he met Mr McCann, who appeared calm and unflustered, having just checked on his children.’
    • ‘Never mind Ulrika or Faria, the entire nation was initially seduced by the bespectacled, multi-lingual charmer whose ice-cool, unflustered demeanour we took to signify a master tactician at work.’
    • ‘He had years of experience at taking his time and remaining unflustered at cynical questions and this bore fruit at this particular encounter.’
    • ‘Quickly and uncomplainingly, though, the guitarist rights everything and soldiers on unflustered.’
    • ‘Alysa was unflustered, but keen to return to ground level.’
    • ‘Obviously unflustered by any of the above, Faldo chose to respond in kind when asked about the lovely Amy's advice.’
    • ‘Kallis continued on his unflustered way until the close, but it was Havell who left the field to the biggest cheers.’
    • ‘Typically, though, she waited while I fixed it, remaining unflustered and running well over time when other artists might have shown me the door.’
    • ‘He's confident, firm, unflustered and willing to debate the many thorny issues bedeviling SA rugby.’
    • ‘Calm, unflustered and a mix of dogged compiler and thrusting dasher.’
    • ‘One Robin waits unflustered while I re-open the back door or open a window in another room into which it has flown.’
    • ‘Afterwards, we take the ferry back to Slussen and have a drink in a mad Czech bar where gorgeous, unflustered nordic barmen pull dozens of pints.’
    • ‘It was an unflustered, unselfish control Lambert exuded, winning, coveting and distributing the ball without over-complicating the issue.’