Meaning of unfocused in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈfəʊkəst/

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(also unfocussed)
  • 1(of a person's eyes or gaze) not focusing on a particular person or thing.

    ‘her eyes became unfocused with deep thought’
    • ‘he had the bleary, unfocused look of a hangover’
    • ‘Bearded and black-capped, he avoids our gaze with unfocused eyes.’
    • ‘Rob rushes up to her as she gazes at him with unfocused eyes.’
    • ‘Jack's eyes were unfocused, his gaze tossed onto a random spot on the wall.’
    • ‘Blatant desire shone in his watery, unfocused eyes.’
    • ‘He looks down at Tristan, who still gazes silently at him through glassy unfocused eyes.’
    • ‘If the dish plonked before our unfocused eyes was not radioactive red, we would miss it with our spoons.’
    • ‘His eyes were unfocussed, looking into the past.’
    • ‘At 43, in a blue button-down shirt, with a greying goatee and gentle, unfocused eyes, he looks like any middle-aged man in a Toronto hotel restaurant.’
    • ‘His eyes were unfocused, looking off into the distance.’
    • ‘Luni's eyes were slightly unfocused, and he looked like he was not paying very much attention to the princess.’
    • ‘His father seemed to have ignored his response, and turned his unfocused eyes to look at Dimitri.’
    • ‘The knight looked over with unfocused eyes, flicking back and forth like a caged animal.’
    • ‘For a moment his eyes were unfocussed, but eventually they cleared up and he looked down at her with a penetrating gaze.’
    • ‘He looked up at Christine through very unfocused eyes.’
    • ‘He turned his head in her direction, opening his eyes, their unfocused gaze resting somewhere out there.’
    • ‘She looked the worst of them all, with slightly unfocused eyes and breath that smelled of alcohol and smoke.’
    • ‘The cops turn blank, unfocussed eyes towards them.’
    • ‘The General's eyes were unfocused, lost in memory.’
    • ‘Slowly, her gaze traced up to his eyes; his eyelids fluttered open, and for a second, his gaze was unfocused, searching blindly upon the stark hospital ceiling.’
    • ‘The world shimmered blurrily through Bren's unfocused eyes.’
    tearful, teary, weepy, weeping, lachrymose
    1. 1.1(of an optical device) not adjusted to focus.
      • ‘perpetually unfocused binoculars’
    2. 1.2(of a lens) not making incident light rays meet at a single point.
      • ‘Nevertheless, it should be noted that unfocused light still adds to the total collected fluorescence.’
    3. 1.3(of an object of vision) not in focus; indistinct.
      ‘dark unfocused figures stood in the shadows beneath the trees’
      • ‘The only misstep in the film is the cinematography, which is fuzzy, often unfocused and fails to take best advantage of the rich natural scenery.’
      • ‘Due to the slight blur of the line, these images are slightly unfocused and appear more impressionistic since colors and details flow evenly together.’
      • ‘He sighed and let his lids flutter open, icy blue depths meeting an unfocused cloudless sky blue.’
      • ‘He presented what seemed to be two unfocused photos of foliage in red and black, respectively.’
      indistinct, blurry, fuzzy, hazy, misty, foggy, shadowy, smoky, faint
  • 2(of feelings or plans) without a specific aim or direction.

    ‘his voice quavered with an unfocused rage’
    • ‘His rage was unfocused and undirected, and as such he was forcing it to stay inside, if nothing else, to save his composure.’
    • ‘I swung from blind happiness to almost incandescent, unfocused rage within a second, almost before I had a chance to think about it.’
    • ‘He delivers emotions other than dull gloominess and unfocused anger, and he does it in style.’
    • ‘So I've now got unfocussed anger that I can't take out on anyone.’
    • ‘This year, Democrats are undertaking something harder: to channel unfocused anger at business greed into an anti-Republican tide.’
    • ‘All the old certainties are gone, there's minority threat all about, and everywhere, like black smoke from factories, an unfocused fear and dread.’
    • ‘I've said it before on this blog and I'll say it again - there is a considerable lake of freefloating, unfocused discontent out there, and the party who can channel it will win.’
    • ‘It premiered in 1993 and while it showcases Ball's trademark ability with dialogue, the play's plot is somewhat unfocused.’
    • ‘Business leaders and financial markets were moaning about unfocused policies and the mounting budget deficit.’
    • ‘As a sputtering knife-wielding hooligan, she's unfocused rage and violence.’
    • ‘The strategy was so unfocused that it could not be implemented without ‘considerable reworking’, she said.’
    • ‘At home, I have been wandering round in a state of mild, unfocussed irritation, which is all the more irritating on account of its unreasonableness.’
    • ‘The emotional couplet thus produced combines furious glee and abject melancholy, helpless vulnerability and unfocused rage.’
    • ‘There is a sort of pervasive melancholy, but also an unfocused hope for the future.’
    • ‘I sat on the bed with my feet up, feeling pretty open and filled with unfocused excitement.’
    • ‘His script is unfocused, his direction uneasy; this film even lacks the visual splendor normally associated with epics and costume dramas.’
    • ‘Lucente's work indulges passive meaninglessness and unfocused ambiguity.’
    • ‘Lacking that, tactics will also seem unfocused and ineffective.’
    • ‘Americans have recently lived in a country where collective anxiety was diffuse and unfocused.’
    • ‘The film's intentions remain unfocussed and vague.’
    purposeless, pointless, goalless, undirected, objectless, unfocused, without purpose, without goal