Meaning of unforcedly in English:



See unforced

‘His play unforcedly implies that all of life is like that, social interaction being built on shared goals and the imagining of a project more important than its achievement.’
  • ‘The legal body is the only aristocratic element which can unforcedly mingle with elements natural to democracy and combine with them on comfortable and lasting terms.’
  • ‘He writes of religion unforcedly practiced: prayers by most, kneeling and facing Mecca-ward in the common room, while a few quietly occupied themselves otherwise.’
  • ‘No matter which emotion we choose, meaningful connections with ‘coldness, numbness, melancholy’ can easily and unforcedly be made.’
  • ‘Kepesh's harried confessional provides the narrative drive for the novel and draws attention to Roth's ability to seamlessly and unforcedly conjoin prose and plotline.’