Meaning of unforested in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈfɒrɪstɪd/


  • (of land) not covered with forest.

    ‘Within these units, the proposal addresses areas of open, sparsely vegetated sandy habitats, such as sand spits or beaches associated with wide, unforested systems of dunes and inter-dune wetlands.’
    • ‘The more customary practice of honey hunting among South Africa's indigenous groups might be explained in part by the relative scarcity of bees in the country's vast unforested stretches of land.’
    • ‘Clearly, forest songbirds are physically capable of moving into unforested habitats; therefore, movement inhibition is likely to be behaviorally based.’
    • ‘The new quarry will destroy the undesignated, unforested eskers and also the burial cairns.’
    • ‘The vegetation survey was conducted in forested and unforested fen and floodplain wetlands in 1994 and 2001, and in a forested floodplain wetland in 2001 in order to document plant species occurring in these rare mountain habitats.’
    • ‘The 1994 fen sites were selected to investigate the vegetative communities in the forested and unforested portions of the fen, while the floodplain site was chosen for a separate investigation of red maple dynamics.’
    • ‘Similarly, the majority was next to unforested banks, and most were little used recreationally.’
    • ‘Then, the area disturbed was calculated as a fraction of the area sampled (105,000 m long X 80 m wide, minus clearcuts and unforested areas).’
    • ‘Woodcreepers will not cross large, unforested gaps; this may become a problem for their survival as their habitat becomes increasingly fragmented.’
    • ‘In unforested areas, softening of the visual impact should be achieved through judicious choice of colour scheme and through the planting of shrubs, trees etc as a screen and backdrop.’
    • ‘At the first glimpse of the unforested countryside, all three of them stopped and stared.’