Meaning of unforgivably in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌnfəˈɡɪvəbli/

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See unforgivable

‘The compère was inexperienced, the DJ unforgivably took it upon himself to heckle the support acts and the sparse audience was less than receptive.’
  • ‘You bet we can - but not in the 7-10 days I figured it would take, and not without pushing our troops unforgivably and needlessly hard.’
  • ‘Still more delectable are the landscapes of Simon Bening, especially his delicate miniatures of the months of the year, not all of which, unforgivably, are reproduced in the catalogue.’
  • ‘One-sided sketches of globalization that celebrate its prosperity unforgivably trivialize the poverty and hardship of the vast majority of the world's people.’
  • ‘You have very gravely sullied her name and unforgivably insulted her, by implying that she only won the scholarship because of who her father is.’