Meaning of unforgotten in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnfəˈɡɒt(ə)n/


  • Not forgotten.

    ‘let me introduce you to an old but unforgotten acquaintance’
    • ‘The shirt includes a colourful motif of our unforgotten friend from the dark side brandishing a hurling stick!’
    • ‘And the morgue fills with the stench of the unforgotten dead.’
    • ‘Though it was not openly stated, it was not unforgotten by those that gathered there.’
    • ‘So what Perlstein has to say is important in my opinion because it draws upon old lessons learned that I think should not go unforgotten.’
    • ‘In the last analysis, most of our difficulties come from losing contact with our instincts, with the age-old unforgotten wisdom stored up in us.’
    • ‘She wanted to thank Hugh for his unforgotten chivalry toward her.’
    • ‘It's his voice we connect to the stories of madness and cruelty that we associate with that unforgotten war.’
    • ‘Charlie's tone was still detached but her fists were clenched in still unforgotten anger.’
    • ‘And with this revelation she felt a new feeling come over her, a surprising tenderness that sprung from old memories unforgotten.’
    • ‘An inveterate avant-gardiste, he rightly had no sense of loyalty to the nonsense of his youth, but it was still nice to feel unforgotten.’
    • ‘The taste of his lips lingered in the unforgotten realm of her memory, one that she had carried with her and cherished all these years without him.’
    • ‘Mukhina was a tremendous gymnast, one that will not go unforgotten.’
    • ‘The images shot forth in a flourish of colour and noise, startling him as a distant memory became unforgotten.’
    • ‘So, too, is the unforgotten linkage between Yellow Hair's scalping and the death of Custer.’
    • ‘It was like he had never left all those years ago and they lapsed back into the unforgotten roles of teacher and student.’
    • ‘But still you find dressing your baby in a cute outfit will be an unforgotten moment.’
    • ‘Floating in the bay, a lone shadow from pasts unforgotten pulls herself onto the docks of Boston.’
    • ‘While I led my wife into the carriage, the sun was shining like hope unforgotten.’
    vivid, fresh, flourishing