Meaning of unframed in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈfreɪmd/

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  • (especially of a picture) not having a frame.

    ‘a huge, unframed abstract hung on one wall’
    • ‘the thick lenses of his unframed spectacles’
    • ‘Sometimes framed and unframed photos are displayed amongst sports trophies on mantelpieces, in cabinets, on bookshelves and on the tops of televisions and fridges.’
    • ‘Pieces are available unframed or can be framed on-site by the gallery's framing staff, and framing services are also available.’
    • ‘Iti's paintings are generally unframed; several are rendered on irregular offcuts of canvas or black builders' paper.’
    • ‘With the clock ticking towards his execution, McVeigh will be allowed to see no one except his lawyers and will only be allowed a small book and five unframed photographs in his cell.’
    • ‘In 1986, Heide and Gilman priced an autographed, unframed photograph of Bogart at $85.’
    • ‘There was also an unframed photo that seemed to be somewhat faded stuck inside one of the edges of the vanity.’
    • ‘He'll be allowed to bring only a few items, including five unframed photographs and a paperback book.’
    • ‘Galleries wouldn't dream of hanging an unframed oil painting on the wall, so why place a sculpture on the corner of a desk or a store fixture and expect it to sell?’
    • ‘Some are framed, some unframed and there are works in watercolour, oil and pastel.’
    • ‘He also looks for more of the ‘brick-and-mortar’ stores to team up with Internet sites, giving customers a choice on where to purchase framed and unframed affordable art.’
    • ‘In addition to framed and desktop prints, we offer unframed versions of their prints.’
    • ‘Most of the works are auctioned unframed, and the firm suggests appropriate frames to the purchasers.’
    • ‘This merchandise includes not only framed and unframed prints and posters of Warhol's most famous works, but also Warhol-inspired housewares, home decor, fashion accessories and much more.’
    • ‘His use of vast unframed canvasses to capture the vibrancy of the African veld, is said to be ‘extremely powerful’.’
    • ‘It presented mostly acrylic, easel-size canvases and a supplementary scattering of unframed works on paper, all dating from 2000.’
    • ‘They may be framed or unframed, full-page, half-page or smaller, independent of the text, set above or within it.’
    • ‘He said the painting was an unframed watercolour on paper, and that these kind of fragile paintings were kept in boxes, as a matter of course, by galleries and museums.’
    • ‘An original painting by Kinkade, ‘Rock of Salvation’ is now available in framed and unframed paper prints and in canvas transfers.’
    • ‘The unframed hanging, with its front and back illumination, imparts softness to the work.’
    • ‘A third gallery included 24 of these unframed black-and-white photographic stills, 11 by 17 inches each, mounted on white metal brackets.’