Meaning of unfree in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈfriː/


  • Deprived or devoid of liberty.

    ‘as long as a man was unfree he had no access to justice’
    • ‘Another form of unfree labour was deployed in colonised Australia.’
    • ‘The act instructs American ambassadors and embassy staffs to draw up democracy transition plans for unfree regimes, with input from nonviolent opposition movements in the various countries.’
    • ‘The triangular slave trade had begun to supply these Atlantic colonies with unfree African labour, for work on tobacco, rice and sugar plantations.’
    • ‘The labour needed to work these areas was provided by transforming free peasants into unfree tenants tied to the land.’
    • ‘Enclosure turned a once independent peasantry into an unfree workforce in thrall to those who had seized hold by robbery of the means of production in the fields and in the towns.’
    • ‘I believe that peasants should be bound to the land as unfree thralls who do the bidding of the freemen without question.’
    • ‘Instead of the courts deciding who should be free and who unfree, the home secretary has sought to grab and keep that power for himself.’
    • ‘The contributing authors explain how legislation differed for free and unfree labour and that the purpose of master/servant legislation was to make the labour supply and its performance more reliable.’
    • ‘This new, democratic and prosperous Iraq is to be a model and magnet for its neighbors, as West Germany and West Berlin were to their unfree neighbors in the cold war.’
    • ‘Of course, this challenge to slavery faltered in the following decade, and unfree labour survived for half a century in the British empire, and even longer in America.’
    • ‘But the implication that Europeans were indifferent to the colour of their slaves rests on an equivocation between unfree labour and slave labour.’
    • ‘Other Greek cities, not least Athens, were dependent on unfree labour for creating and maintaining a politicised and cultured style of communal life.’
    • ‘As we see more of the same action and reaction, the overall story, like all stories of the emancipation of unfree labour, is not for romantics.’
    • ‘A distinguishing feature of the postwar period was in fact its exceptional reliance on unfree labour.’
    • ‘Freedom is hard to define, let alone achieve, but those who are unfree know exactly what unfreedom is.’
    • ‘Until the newest critics of trade give at least one plausible example of how a policy of unfree trade could make a country richer, I'm sticking with the orthodox conclusions.’
    • ‘Moreover, the productivity of investment is 70 percent greater in economically free nations than in unfree nations.’
    • ‘Some freedom-minded people pin their hope for liberty on withdrawing from an unfree world.’
    • ‘Now, one of the few remaining unfree countries in Europe needs help and he's there again.’